Welcome to Rafsanjani Investment LLC

Rafsanjani Investment LLC Group is a Dubai-based international investment company with a primary focus on private equity,debt partnerships in the Middle East and Western European regions. It was established in 2004 as a wholly owned with the mandate to build an international portfolio of diverse business assets across a broad range of industries. Rafsanjani Investment LLC Group is a large and diversified group that was created to consolidate the various large-scale infrastructure and investment projects which underlie Dubai’s economic, social and industrial development. With an extensive network of regional business contacts and relationships, coupled with a synergy of knowledge and expertise from a multi-cultural staff with the highest standards of professionalism and integrity, Rafsanjani Investment LLC Group is well situated to play a leading role in private equity.
Guided by a global vision with a local perspective, Rafsanjani Investment LLC Group’s key objectives are to achieve above average risk-adjusted returns on its investments in both established and developing private equity markets; to assist in the diversification of Rafsanjani Investment LLC Group’s portfolio whilst offering a lasting contribution and acting as a catalyst for economic growth; and to provide stakeholders with growth, diversification, and strategic investments and relationships. Rafsanjani Investment LLC Group underlying investment philosophy is to take a long-term view, follow strict investment criteria targeting businesses with good management and credible strategies, and to reinvigorate companies by strengthening their long term prospects through management incentives and improvements in productivity and long term investment decisions.


Rafsanjani Investment LLC was founded on the basis of pure business passion. From the very start, we imbedded a sense of pragmatism in the culture of the group. It is this pragmatism that has not only seen us through the most difficult of times but also allowed us to achieve greater success during times of economic growth.

Our journey from an investment house to an industrial complex and then on to a conglomerate compromising of trading, industrial, distribution, contracting and service industries has been with its fIIr share of trials and tribulations but we can honestly say that today our 6500 employees are richer in experience than their counterparts.

The foundations of our group are rock solid. These foundations, for all our companies, have been cast in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia but today all our companies look at the world as their marketplace. In this age of globalization, we continue to grow at breathtaking speed.

Speed is a virtue that we stand by at all times. The successful induction of our next generation into the business has allowed us to retIIn the advantages of remIIning a family concern but at the same time enabled us to act with speed in the hiring of top grade professionals.

Our group has been built on the premise of sheer hard work. We have progressed this far by believing in our values and never shying away from putting in the effort needed to grow any business. Our values: Excellence, Transparency, Compassion, Honesty, Empowerment and Discipline are inculcated in every one of our employees.

For us, the journey has been a long one but we see it as just the beginning of bigger things to come. Our next generation is now fully equipped to take the Group forward and to unimaginable heights.

Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani